Friday, July 20, 2007

Maternity War - Updated

Department: Knocked Up

Pregnancy, like planning a wedding, is one of the few times where people know full well that they are getting ripped off, but really don't mind because it's such a "special time." Whatever. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom, but I do not love being pregnant. And I particularly do not love dressing during pregnancy.

My normal style can best be described at Target-chic. An astonishing portion of my wardrobe bears the Mossimo logo, so during my first pregnancy three years ago you can just imagine how excited I was to see the Liz Lange collection at Target. Who am I kidding, I can only imagine how I felt since my pregnancy brain erased most of my memory from that 10-month period. I do recall that I spent a heck of a lot of money at Target then, and I know a good chunk of it was on my temporary wardrobe.

Since my son was born, however, I've heard complaints from pregnant friends that they were disappointed in the LL collection because it was getting too trendy. You could no longer rely on Target for the everyday staples of motherhood's wardrobe, particularly if you work from home (like I do) or are a stay at home mom and don't have to "dress up" every day. The styles more closely resembled what we saw our famous pregnant counterparts wearing (as portrayed in US Magazine) sipping decaf lattes at an LA coffee shop than what our neighbors were wearing at the local Starbucks after dropping the kiddies off at pre-school.

Not being pregnant myself at the time, I didn't pay much attention, but over the last 5 months as my porportions have shifted and I have been unable to locate many of the clothes I allegedly bought last time around (I think even I would remember if I had to spend a lot of time nude due to a wardrobe shortage), I have found myself wandering the ever-shrinking Liz Lange section at Target and experienced mixed feelings.

On the bright side are these shorts (though clearly not worn by an actual pregnant women here), which are the most comfortable shorts I've owned in a long time -- pregnant or not. I will question the wisdom of putting puffy pockets on the rear of shorts meant for women who get fatter with every passing day (do are a**es really need help looking bigger?), but I will also admit that I own these shorts in 4 colors.

The maternity bathing suits are also pretty cute, if you are so inclined to bare that much skin during pregnancy (which I am not).

On the flip side, are these ridiculously long tunic tops that confound me. I know they are the "in" thing in maternity wear these days based on a visit to a maternity boutique last week, but they cross the line between shirts and dresses and that just confuses me. I have tried on a few tops like this (though admittedly not the one pictured) and walked out asking someone, anyone (or no one if I'm in a Target dressing room), "Is this a dress or a shirt?" I don't get it and I don't think pregnant women, whose brainpower is already diminished, should have to think that hard when getting dressed.

Maternity sun dresses that seem to discourage the wearing of a bra also fall into this category. I have seen several like this in-store, but can't find one on line. If you have to choose between a visible bra and letting your ballooning bossoms roam free, the choice (for me at least) would seem to skip that choice altogether.

I purchased a few new pieces this week that I have yet to try (but will this weekend)...
...but for my money the best maternity wear I have found at Target is not maternity at all. It's my tried and true Mossimo soft and cozy tees in XXL. I bought 4 different colors in the v-neck style this week.
They are the perfect length (with room to grow) and are not at all restricting. Plus, at only $7.99 they are just begging to be purchased in bulk.
Update: Loved both new maternity pieces! The dress is so comfortable and I got tons and tons of compliments on it, from people I know and one stranger in the grocery store. I do feel like it makes me look "more pregnant" than I actually I am, but I think that about all maternity dresses, not just this one. This top is great too. It's very feminine without feeling frilly, and it's form-fitting without feeling snug. If they made this in other colors, I'd probably buy all of them!


  • Amen about the tunic sister! What pregnant woman wants to wear a lower thigh length shift that is skin tight?

    I am "fluffy" and i am disappointed that Mossimo's black line has gone from fitting plus sized women comfortably to going with the "long and skinny" trend that seems to be all the rage. i mean, plus sized women are trying to hide their bumps, not draw attention to them with something that is way to long and is going to cling... much like that maternity tunic.

    Some styles just don't translate well for women that are experiencing large-ish-ness (LOL!) in one way or another.

    Other than recent changes, I pretty much have always been pleased with target couture whether it be maternity or regular clothes for women.

    By Blogger Mert, on Saturday, July 21, 2007  

  • Even though it may be shrinking, the maternity section still is larger and cuter than the plus size section (and some of the plus size stuff I have seen recently there would look WAY better on a pregnant woman than it did on me!). Whoever is in charge of both of those sections needs to do some MAJOR revamping of the styles and selection!

    By Blogger Michelle, on Sunday, July 22, 2007  

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