Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 Way Target Has Saved My Ass

Department: The best things about Target you didn't know

In the past 2 weeks there have been 2 crucial occasions at Target where I thought surely I was going to be in trouble. And I don't mean in the usual way where I am in trouble because I walked in with the intention of spending a few bucks on diapers and walked out with $200 worth of stuff that I probably could live without. Or could I? Doesn't matter, we will never know.

So here are the scenarios and the ways that Target saved my ass.

1. I was looking for a banner for my daughter's birthday to hang somewhere in our house and remind her that she is loved and that we remembered her birthday. I never thought that I would find such a cute-tastic banner, in my very simple style for such a great price. Especially in that crazy, ugly, scary birthday crap aisle that every big box store has. Target has one too and it's filled with Dora birthday party theme packs and goody bag stuffers like those annoying noisemakers. I held my breath, tried to be a good mom and took a jaunt down the aisle and to my surprise I found THIS banner. It was twelve freaking ninety nine. That's it! It hangs as one piece and is awesome and I plan to use it for every kids birthday going forward. It comes in these pastels or in primary (boyish) colors. They are felt applique's and I fully plan to tell people that I made it myself.

2. Today I brought the kids to Target. This is a rarity as when I go there I mean serious business and I don't need any distractions and they don't need any more toys so it's always hard to leave with just the essentials. So there we are and it is nearing lunch time. We planned to go to the park after and I didn't want to go home and pack a lunch. I also didn't want to hit the "golden arches" (McDonalds) for the second time this week. The 4 year old only eats PB&J but I assured her that they wouldn't have that at the snack bar at Target. Low and behold we walk over there and they have pre-made PB&J in packets. They look like those Smuckers PB&J pockets that you can buy in the freezer aisle. They have 15 grams of fat and are 310 calories each but in a pinch you will feed that to your kid. Amazing. Bless your big red bullseye heart Target. Oh and your popcorn and milk rule.