Monday, March 24, 2008

Uh, What Happend to the Rest of This Dress?

Department: Clothing

Just wondering what happened to the rest of this dress by Isaac at Target. Um I could never wear it. I think only Cindy Brady could wear this length. Well not any more but you know way back when she was 5 and her ass wasn't hanging out. Issac- women have healthy thighs and butts!!! Give me some more inches on this girlie so I can wear it!

Now this is a dress that I actually just bought:

It is Merona and I like the updated version of the shirt dress. For me (giant boobs) it is tough to wear shirt dresses but I got a size larger in this one, and i love how the bottom doesn't have buttons so you don't pull across your vajajay too. Super cute. I have patent leather yellow flats to go with (not Target oops) All I need is Spring! Note:: in person this dress looks less "nurselike". It also helps not to wear totally queer shoes like the ones on this model. Target- you carry cute shoes- why not have the models wear them? DUH! Email me and I will come out to MN and style your photoshoots for cripes sake.

        Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday just isn't Sunday without the Target ad

Department: What the?

Was anyone else missing the Target ad out of their Sunday paper this morning? I don't know if it was a nationwide thing, but here in Chicagoland, the only way to access the weekly ad flier is to visit That just doesn't seem right? I spend enough time at my computer blogging working, I do not like the idea of having to go online to find out what I need to buy this week... Also, I found myself Jonesing for a Target fix today when they were closed on Easter Sunday. Not that I needed anything, but to know it wasn't even a possibility... I think I experienced the beginning stages of withdrawal.

Anyone else feeling my pain? (Or am I the only nutjob?)

Easter Fancies

Department: Little Boys

I found the cutest semi-matching outfits for my boys to wear on Easter Sunday and just had to share the pictures... Have you ever seen two more handsome, Target-attired children in your life? (Click on the pictures for links to the outfits)

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