Thursday, December 15, 2005

STT Love Jones Soda

Slaves to Target love Jones Soda. This fact is proven as fellow STT "Rene" wrote us about the glorious holiday pack she purchased from a Target store. Not available on the Target website but supposedly in stores and delicious. I have always wanted to try it... hmm.. maybe I will head to Target tomorrow and see it for myself!

With flavors like: Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto, Cranberry Sauce, Turkey & Gravy, Wild Herb Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie..... Who can go wrong?
Also included: Serving spoon, moistened towelette, and wine list.
Anyway- I am thirsty now and if you are too, check out your local Target for Jones Soda's holiday pack. If you are like Rene you will think it's a "hoot".

thanks Rene!

        Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Season Pass

The ability to control live TV … what a feeling that is. With the TIVO digital video recorder you can pause, rewind, instant replay, slow-motion, etc … through live TV programs. Imagine the ability to have your own instant replay on that all important football game. Having TIVO also gives you the capability to setup Season Passes. You can find and program recordings of your favorite television programs, movies, etc …

I have TIVO and find it indispensable. I love the fact that I can fast forward through commercials while watching recordings of my much loved TV programs. It’s fabulous to be able to pause and rewind the scenes I missed while my dogs are barking at the neighborhood cat or while my toddler spills his bowl of cereal while sitting on the sofa. Pick up a TIVO recorder at Target and you’ll understand it when I say … Once you go TIVO you can NEVER go back.

        Monday, December 12, 2005

Update on "I have really done it now"

Ok so I know that you were anxiously awaiting my exact purchases from the other night that totaled $330.37 and so here you go- I don't have time for linking. If someone wants to send me a desk we can discuss it.....

-Thomas O'Brien cream and silver ornament balls
-Various garlands and ornaments in blue and gold and silver from the HOME collection
-Tahitian Vanilla Votives
- 3 pack of chapstick because my husband thinks I steal his all of the time. so NOT true
-A dozen or so bags and wrapping paper from the $1 section, LORD is that $1 section trouble.
-gift tags
-2 blue pillar candles
-1 pair of slippers for my toddler
-2 puzzles from the $1 section for xmas gifts
-1 bedskirt for our gues bed, 1 for ours
-1 set of Method hand soap and mint lotion in a caddy that I paid for and do not have in my posession.... HMMMM
-Thomas O'Brien vintage hand towels, 2
- TOB throw rug for kitchen
- TOB dining room fancy table cloth ( oblong if you care)
- 2 sheer white window panels
-2 plush HOME pillows

ok I think that is it. clearly I have issues. I must get back to work so that I can pay for all of this!!!

Funky Family Chalkboards

Communication is an important part of family life. I know we all have cellphones, hell my 9 year old niece has her own phone, but what about good old written messages? Post-its are convenient disposable but yet they lack the hip these Funky Family Chalkboards bring. These adorable chalkboards come in a mommy, daddy, big sister, big brother, dog and cat characters. Yes, you may even decide to leave a message for the family dog. Hang up a chalk board character for each member of your family. Each chalk board comes with tiny magnetic shoelaces that you can use to put up notes, bills, school notices, etc … Visit to pick up your family chalkboards.