Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fan Mail

A fellow STT wrote in that they must have these shoes and that she loves our site and checks it every week. The shoes aren't really my bag but who said I was the ultimate fashionsta?

If you love them get them! Thanks to MH for writing in and she says "shout out to Jenn who saw them first"

Xhilaration Alanis Skull and Crossbone Skimmers

        Wednesday, February 01, 2006

She's My Cherry Pie

Sorry LOL but while these bathing suits are super cute and I love cherry print I can't get that song from the 80's out of my head.

Maybe it is my subconcious rebelling because my body was not made for bikini's and I am bitter but either way here are some red hot finds from Luella's bathing suit line at Target. I would wear this if I could. Seriously- I would. Go Luella.

        Monday, January 30, 2006

Run Don't Walk

The time has come for my dear friend TOB (Thomas O'Brien), he is red tagged. Everything- well almost everything at Target stores in the Vintage Modern Collection by TOB is reduced. This morning I scored big at my local Target store. Don't buy his stuff online- the prices at the store are MUCH lower. I am sure that will update at some point but for some reason I was able to score the last 2 of the lamp below for $12.98 each at the store when online they are $49.99!!!!

EVERYTHING you crave is red tagged. RUN don't walk to your Target. Fake sick and leave work early I $hit you not you will never have the chance again to grab his ultra cool pieces from the Winter line. Not even sure if TOB will be at Target going forward- I don't see any new merch of his on the floor. Target employees- email me if you have scoop.

I got a boat load of other stuff which I will dish about later. Some of us have paying jobs you know... some of us don't get paid by Target to tell people to run don't walk to their store :) I'm not bitter.