Thursday, December 22, 2005

That's My Bag

I’m all for making sure that I get my luggage when I fly. I always get paranoid that someone else will walk off with my possessions and not realize it till it’s too late. That’s why I believe it’s imperative that I put some sort of identifying mark on my luggage when traveling. Whether it be a piece of ribbon tied on the handles or a vibrant floral luggage tag or this … the Lug Leaf lima Luggage Belt and Tag in Orange. You can help make out your gear by strapping on this vivid and vibrant belt and tag set by Lug Leaf. The belt is adjustable and come with a closure style belt buckle. These belt and tag sets come in a wide assortment of colors and designs, and of course can be found at

        Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One Egg McMuffin Please

Getting one of these will definitely cut the amount of money I spend at the Golden Arches every weekend. With the Back to Basics Egg ‘N Muffin toaster, I can make my own Egg sandwiches every morning. I was always in awe of how the eggs were cooked in a perfect round shape … ideal for those English muffins.

This toaster has a built-in side cooker that cooks and even scrambles eggs. There are adjustable toasting shades with a bagel option. The toast and egg functions can be used at the same time and both functions has an auto shutoff. A warming tray is also included for heating up bacon, ham, sausage, etc … Visit to see the current price on this item already marked for sale.

        Monday, December 19, 2005

Stroll with Me Baby

Traveling with a child is harder than it looks. You have to remember to pack the essentials, keep an eye on your child, and tote everything from the curb to the gate. Whew what a workout! Here’s something that’s bound to make things a little easier traveling during this busy holiday season. Pick up a Sit ‘n Stroll 5-in-1 Combination Car Seat/Stroller from This car seat combines the use of a stroller and a car seat in one. I’ve spoken to a number of parents that I’ve seen pulling this around the airport and they all rave about the convenience and easy use of this Sit ‘n Stroll. It makes me a little embarrassed watching these parents breeze through the terminal while my family and I struggle with the car seat, stroller, diaper bag, etc … Another plus is that the seat is FAA-approved, meats all car seat USA Federal Safety Standards, and can be used as both rear and forward facing. See for more details. Pick one up for you and your little one or as a last minute holiday gift!

        Sunday, December 18, 2005

Liking This Lamp

I saw this lamp the other day in the flesh and I cheaped out over the $29.50 price tag. I see that it is now on sale so I am re-thinking....

I must have it for my nightstand. It is perfect. I thought I would share:

I have been good this year, I think I can have it. Oh except for when I implied that Midwesteners have no style. That was a joke and I publicly apologize for possibly offending anyone. From now on I will try to restrain myself. The midwest rules, that is where Target is! To all that have something to say about it- do not make me turn on comment moderation because I will -but it's a pain in the A.