Friday, September 30, 2005

Open Bar

Michael Graves Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set

The holidays are approaching, can you believe it?! That means party and entertaining galore. Of course in addition to food we need magnificent drinks. That’s where the Michael Graves Stainless Steel Bar and Tool Set comes in handy. Not only are they stylish but functional as well. Become a pro at mixing drinks with the stainless steel cocktail strainer, bar knife, single/double jigger, stirrer, bottle opener and ice cream scoop. You can be whipping up Cosmopolitans and Martinis in less than a shake. Visit for these and other fantastic bar sets and accessories.

Michael Graves Stainless Steel Bar Set

Michael Graves Stainless Steel Olive Martini Shaker

        Thursday, September 29, 2005

Actress Jennifer Garner Gets Target Support for Katrina Victims

Another reason why I adore the bullesye! ...

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres (L) watches as first time expectant mother actress Jennifer Garner (R) accepts over $100,000 in gift cards and products from Target stores for mothers affected by Hurricaine Katrina during a taping of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' at NBC Studios in Burbank, California September 27, 2005 in this photo released by Warner Bros. September 28, 2005. Garner approached Target for the donation after working on a televised benefit for Katriana victims. This episode will be telecast September 28 in the United States. Garner was promoting her ABC television network drama series 'alias.' - Photo and caption from

For more information about this story click here.

No Line No Crime

I will be the first to admit that after the birth of my child I am in no mood for a thong ( sorry TMI). Therefore with pants season upon us (vs. summer where I wore skirts of a flowy nature) I am in need of a undie drawer makeover and the courage to break out a thong again. I don't know what it is but I just don't feel up to it.

So I am thinking that I may be able to get away with these "no line" panties if they really, truly are line-less. Thoughts? Reccomendations? Comments are appreciated.

No Line Briefs:

Then... super duper No Line ( since the line is up your butt)

        Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Time is It

I’m not sure what to make of this … a Distorted Oversize Contemporary Wall Clock. Maybe it’s me because I have no artistic sense whatsoever, but I don’t understand what the purpose of this clock for. Silly me, but when I buy a clock I expect to be able to get the current time from it. Except with this clock, I can barely read the time in the picture. Don’t mind me if you love this item. I just thought it was interesting … in an Alice in Wonderland sort of way. If you would buy this item and had $229.99 to burn, please let me know how you would utilize this wall clock. Would you actually use it for the purpose of a clock or would it be a decorative piece or ???? I’m just curious …

Head on over to to place your order today.

        Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Love These Shoes

I recently bought a pair of these shoes, Women’s Xhilaration Tan Acacia Clogs and I love them. They are comfortable and accommodate my ever expanding feet. They look so tasteful with a pair of jeans. I adore the faux suede look and the decorative accents. I also purchased a pair of the Xhilaration Brown Adelle Oxfords shown below. I’ve only worn them once and they’ve been cozy so far. I do admire them paired with my Capri jean pants. What a smart look.

Visit your local Target or to see these and more marvelous footwear.

Words do not describe. Well maybe one word-

TARGASAM (word used with permission from fellow STT who allegedly invented it. For more information visit: )

Now, back to my story- Ok I am done now. Targasmic experience is all over. I need a shower. My heart can't take it.

Lucky Charm Necklace $35.99

Lucky Charm Bracelet $25.99

Oh and for those who have been following my story- I still don't have my desk yet. WTF? I guess we are just lucky that Target is not mad at us for having this blog.

        Sunday, September 25, 2005

Put Style on Your Feet

Who says I have to wear my old tattered bunny slippers or my grungy pairs of socks indoors when the weather gets cold? I try to have a sense of style when I'm outside so why not have some style inside the house. We can make that happen by showing our fashion intellect when the mercury drops with the European-style Meribel house boots from The Red Hot Shop at These modish trendy boots are covered with an oriental influenced print topped with black faux fur cuffs. The soles are swathed with small heart shaped black fabric grips making sure you don’t slip and slide while indoors. The Meribel house boots would make an excellent gift or a brilliant addition to your indoor cold weathered wardrobe. Each pair of boots is shipped in a lovely gift bag for added fashion style. They also come in Rose just in case you’re not a fan of blue.

Visit The Red Hot Shop at for more fab finds, like this cashmere sweater, yes cashmere, from Isaac Mizrahi. It’s genuine cashmere in a palette of colors, nine to be exact. Mr. Mizrahi also offers this chic cashmere sweater in a short sleeve version for more versatility. My personal wish is that Ms. Liz Lange offer a chic cashmere sweater for mommies-to-be as well. Please!

Bonjour Fleurette Meribel Boots - Rose

Isaac Mizrahi Moss Green Long-Sleeve Crewneck Cashmere Sweater