Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Department: Whim by Cynthia Rowley

Have you seen all the adorable products in the Whim by Cynthia Rowley line? In my Target of choice, there is an entire section -- at least two aisles -- next to the patio items full of fun little summer bits and pieces that are surprisingly affordable considering they have a designer like Rowley attached to them.

The stores have boatloads more stuff -- for kids, for dining and entertaining, etc. -- but here are some highlights from what's available/featured on

30-can cooler for just $19.99 -- other colors/patterns available
Set of two-beach umbrellas for $29.98

Acrylic wine glasses - set of 8 for $16.99 (martini and margarita glasses available, too)

Aluminum frame summer tote/picnic basket for $9.99

I could seriously go on and on with this post. More acrylic glasses and melamine diningware and serving pieces. Kids furniture. Picnic blankets. Beverage buckets. Playground balls, bowling set and other toys. You can search for "Whim by Cynthia Rowley" or go see for yourself in the store. If we weren't moving in less than two weeks, I'd already own half of this stuff. I just hope it's still there after we get settled into our new house!


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Products Target Should Carry

Department: Duh

So I am going to start a little thread/blog/whatever here.

In my opinion there are things that Target should offer in the way of products that they do not. I see products all of the time in my real job and with Target being the hip, cool, trendy spot mixed with your place to find everyday items that your family actually needs, I wonder why they don't carry things like the following cool products/everyday items. It's almost a big "DUH!". I am going to tell you (and Target via this blog that I know they read) what I think should be there and you tell me in comments (and Target because they read the comments too) what you have found that would be a hit at the big Bullseye! Get it?

Fresh Flowers (maybe it's regional but my stores don't carry this). If I am there to shop weekly anyway why not sell me fresh, awesome, beautiful flowers to make my house smell and look wonderful? - killer product, funny name, hot mod packaging. It's a no brainer, really. Mom's LOVE it. Kids love it too! - the All Weather Woobee. It is the ultimate family blanket. It has a water resistant side, a plush soft side, it ties to strollers, baby carriers, car seats, you name it. We have 2. Working on a third. Every mom from poshland, USA to middle America will want one.

To keep going on the mom line of thought here, what about more baby clothes? I feel like there is NOTHING for my infant to wear. She is out of sleepers with feet, but I don't dig Winnie The Pooh on her clothes so please get a cute baby clothes desigenr (Lord knows there are plenty!) to do some cute, quality goods for kids. The world of mom's thanks you.

Designer jeans but lower priced. For instance- why doesn't a brand like Joe's Jeans or Seven come out with a line for a limited time that Target shoppers can afford. It's just denim for G-sakes and it won't cheapen the brand. Tell me the last time Target DIDN'T cause better brand recognition for a label. I mean did you know who Loeffler Randall was before this Spring? Converse sure made a nice comeback too!

ok, now your turn! What do you want to see at Target?