Sunday, June 07, 2009

Um, Dear Target It's Me, Your #1 Fan.

So I have to say that while it is nice that Target is bringing back the Red Hot Shop that I so happily sung the praises of YEARS ago when I started this blog (I registered the domain FOUR years ago last week to be exact)- I am pretty super pissed that they are doing it in cahoots with another blog and not me.

I could bring you daily or weekly exciting products that you should buy from the Red Hot Shop. That is what I do anyway! I started this blog because I have a love affair with the very store. Did they contact me? no. Do I reach millions of fellow Target lovers and have a kick ass blog and have an accessible and unpretentious tone? Yes. Would I write about Dinosaur figurines? No. I wouldn't waste your time with stuff you don't need in this economy, but I would show you wicked cool stuff that I believe you could actually use. While keeping things "fresh and chic" and different.

Oh Well. I am still the #1 fan. I was getting dressed this evening for a book party and realized that my dress, bag and shoes were all from Target. Even my underwear and my shaping Assets by Sara Blakely sold only at Target.

RAFE for Target patent blue clutch. Fall 2006. No longer available but we first brought it to our readers then and I am still lovin' it.

Red Strappy Sandals by Mossimo

Dress purchased today for $24.99. Navy blue with white by Merona. Not even available on the web and I am bringing it to you before anybody else. How is that for keeping things current and fresh and chic? Sorry Target corp. Lots of people are "over" DailyCandy. I really wish you would have just given me a call.

Hmm while attending a book party I thought about writing my own book. A book about being blown off by certain big box retailer.


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