Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deery Lou

Department: Travel

My daughter and I stumbled upon these super cute train cases and other travel gear today on an end cap. They were ON SALE and too sweet to not grab. We had to decide between Chococat and Deery Lou but Deery Lou won out in the end. Knowing her it's probably the rainbow. We are going through a princess/unicorn/rainbow phase right now. Also she thinks it's Rudolph. Who am I to argue with a 3 year old?

Anyhoo- you should grab these while they are HOT, on sale and at the Target stores because I bet they will be gone soon.

Deery Lou is from the Sanrio collection however I don't see the travel gear at Sanrio. At Target they had Hello Kitty in chocolate and cream which was a nice alternative to the punk pink.

The end cap was in the mens section, across from shoes. It was really hard to not grab everything on it. Especially the matching Deery Lou travel bag. Ugh, crush. I may have to go back.