Thursday, May 18, 2006

HA! Choo

Department: Home Decor

This is funny. It puts the HA! in HA-CHOO!

        Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Department: Thanks Y'all!

Wow what lovely readers we have! One wrote in with a bunch of ideas of fun things they love at so allow me to share. I am going to spread these out over a few days but up first is a pretty little number that apparently is sellin' out like Target at ShopIntuition-oops did I say that?

THANKS MH for being such a great STT!!!!

So Lame

Department: lame lame lame

Sorry I have been so lame about posting lately but the .com is just not giving me anything super cool to work with! I find great stuff in the store but just don't see it online....

If you have a cool find from send it to me at and if I think it's cool too I will post it!

        Monday, May 15, 2006

Eggling Update

Department: Red Hot Shop

So here is an eggling update from my post back in Feb

1 hatched, 1 did not make it. I had purchased mint and basil and either the one that survived is basil or I am such a bad gardener that I can't tell, but it doesn't smell like mint.... so it may be basil, I don't know, I am babbling. I will get back to you on which survived but it's tiny and growing and still cutey cute cute cute!