Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another Serving of Ferrara Cafe Please

It's unfortunate that our previous posts went to the place where posts go when they pass on. One of those posts was about the famous Ferrara Cafe in New York. I'd like to re-introduce Ferrara Cafe and its scrumptious desserts.

For more than a 100 years New York's Ferrara Café has been an icon in Little Italy. Now for those of us that are unfortunate enough to not be able to visit this cafe in person, Target.com offers some of their most popular desserts delivered to your door. Ferrara Cafe's cannoli dessert is shipped with 36 mini hand-rolled cannoli shells and 2 pastry bags of yummy Ferrara cannoli cream. Ferrara's cannoli cream is made using ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and other natural ingredients. You can freeze whatever's not used for future use. Target.com will ship Ferrara Café Cannoli in a cooler with dry ice.

Another tasty dessert from Ferrara Cafe is their Tiramisu dessert. Their tiramisu dessert is produced with handmade ladyfingers immersed in espresso and coffee liqueur, a blend of mascarpone cheese, fresh cream and eggs, then topped of with bittersweet cocoa. Target.com offers this dessert in two 2-lb. boxes shipped in a cooler with dry ice.

Visit Target.com to indulge your sweet tooth with Ferrara Cafe's delectable desserts.


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