Tuesday, August 02, 2005

You really have to wonder...

What goes through the buyers heads at Target.com? I thought I would take a peek at their "unique" section to see what exactly they find unique. I say they hit the nail on the head and although some items aren't actually available ( who knows why) they are just too silly to not talk about.

If you can guess what this is and email us at slavetotarget@yahoo.com I will give you a shout out! I would give you cash and prizes but I already spent all of my money at well, you know where.. CONTEST OVER WE PICKED A WINNER SEE ABOVE POST. THANKS FOR ALL WHO ENTERED

A fancy but slightly ugly shoe? Oh no, its a cell phone holder.... um, yeah. I am not bashing, I am just simply stating.

Working Girls Survival Kit... now do they mean "girl who works in office" or "girl who works on the street"??? Girl who works her way up in the office by sleeping over at the office and needs to freshen up in the morning? It's cute, I dig.

Everybody needs one of these, its self explanatory and yes, grammar whore I did not put a ' in my its... does that bother you? HAHAHAHAHA I hope your skin is crawling.


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