Friday, August 05, 2005

So cute I want to take you home...

Have you ever walked down the camping section at Target? I am in love with the little sleeping bags and tiny tents. You know what I mean- the display minatures that they use as models for what the real thing looks like? I want to rip them off of the display and take them home. It makes me want to get my barbies out of the attic at my mom's house and play Ken and Barbie go camping in the woods!

I could have sworn that one time on I saw a tent that had a dog house section. That is just too cute.

Here is an 8 person tent which gets me thinking- would I EVER want to sleep with 7 other people around me? Um, not really. But if you are into that sort of thing Target has tents and if you go to the store you get to see the little minature tents I am crazy over. I dare you to rip one down and take it home for the backyard of your Barbie Dream House.


  • I came across your blog last night and having a blast reading it. I thought I was the ONLY person who thought this about the tents...I LOVE them and always want to take some home and play barbies---I am dying laughing that you feel the same way !!!!

    By Blogger Denise Wilson, on Friday, September 19, 2008  

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