Monday, October 03, 2005

A Certain Big Box Retailer...

And I am not going to name any names, sent me their look book/press kit on a certain new designer who they would like us to chat up here at STT. (UM HELLO can we say desk please?) Anyway..

his stuff is super cool and fresh and we likey. Meet, Thomas O'Brien.

Now, meet his super cool fresh stuff:

A goblet that I could fit A LOT of wine in:

Dishes we dig

A super low super chic table

And much more. Check out Thomas O'Brien this fall at Target stores and It is all about "vintage modern" and that goes perfectly with everything, especially small budgets- I mean you have to have some left over for shoes right?



    But so expensive =( I mean, I'd pay three times that for a comparable table in any of the shops in Seattle, but this is still out of reach for me for something I don't absolutely need. If it's that way for me, I've gotta think it's the same way for most people. UNFURL YOUR LOFTY PRICES, TARGET!

    And love your blog =)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on Friday, October 07, 2005  

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