Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Suit Up at Target

Now I’m not of the male gender so I can’t say for sure what would make a good suit or not. I do believe that it should be comfortable and fit well. That being said I can attest to at least one respectable quality, the Merona's Men Classic 3 Button Blazer feels good. It has a good quality fabric lining and the outer fabric texture feels fine. But hey, what do I know about men's suits? But for all you men watching your spending habits, Target now offers Business Formal wear for men in varying suit separates. This includes dress shirts, ties, dress shoes, slacks and jackets.

We all know I’m a huge fan of Target’s line of clothing but I can only speak for the women’s apparel. Therefore if we have any male readers who have come across the Men’s Merona Classic 3 Button Blazer or any other Business Formal wear please share your comments. I’m curious to see if Target has indeed branched into Business Formal attire with success. Visit if you’re interested in probing what they feature.


  • One of my very good friends works at the Target corporate headquarters in Minneapolis and the story behind the branch out into dressier wear for men starts with the change in the the headquarters dress code. Recently the Target headquarters changed from business casual dress code to a more dressy one (shirts and ties for men), so to help out their staffers, they started carrying dress shirts and ties at the downtown Minneapolis store (connected to the headquarters). But they realized that not only were the male staff buying the ties and shirts, they were flying off the racks. So they put them in a few test stores in other urban areas, and same thing...very popular clothing item for men. Now they can be found in almost any Target.
    She told me that story this summer, and I don't know why I remembered it!

    By Anonymous Sarah B, on Thursday, October 13, 2005  

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