Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clock Watchers We Need Your Help

Department: Desperate Pleas

Recently we received this email from a desperate woman in search of a must have clock sold at Target Stores. Merch moves quick at Target we know but if you work there or have seen this or have any advice please email us at slavetotargetATyahoodotcom

Now for the message:

"I've been looking for this clock at every Target store I can find and I've been searching the Internet for it, but with no success.

The clock is a round clock that has a ceramic frame. The frame is tiered, where the frame starts out larger and gets smaller with each layer of the frame until it reaches the face of the clock. The face is an antique cream color and is trimmed in silver or chrome. The back of the clock has a felt-type of back to it. It has a thing on it so you can hang the clock on a wall and it also has a frame stand so you can put it on a shelf or table, etc. Absolutely nowhere on the clock, front, back, inside the back (if you take the felt backing off), is there a brand name, item number, manufacturer, etc. Oh, the hands are black and the numbers are black. Do you think you can possibly help me find this clock. I've never been so stuck on an item like this before in my life and I've got to have it. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated."


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