Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Designing Minds

Department: Design Candy

Target is getting so swanky. Here are some hot new picks that I found while scoping out the dot com. And for the record incase any one is going to get pissy about me not writing enough about in-store merch- I don't have all friggin day to go to the store so sometimes I write about what I find online because then I can link you to it silly!

52 Game Set (using fab glasses from notNeutral)

Is 4 enough for poker? I don't know- I have never played. Let me rephrase that, I have played I just don't remember- know what I mean? Or a rousing game of A-hole!!! Ahh my college days- peace out to all my Tri-Sig sista's - LOVE YA ( i am currently sober- I swear).

Flexi Futon- Be the first on your block

There are some really cool color combos for this thing and it does all sorts of tricks. Speaking of tricks- word of advice never buy a second hand futon...... buy new! Only $189.

Incase you thought your bike tires were lame: Speedblend Ruffy Tuffy Tire

This one reminds me of a HOT song from one of my all time fave bands- if I gave up the band I would be giving up my city and state so let's save that for another time BUT the song is called "Pink Huffy" It's too good.


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