Saturday, August 13, 2005

Looky Looky

Jack Rogers Navajo Sandal knock-off much? Well I guess if you really LOVE the look of the famous (made famous by my girl Jackie O.) Jack Rogers sandals (see HERE for the real thing) but you don't have the cashola ( about $80 a pair) you can get the new Mossimo sandals at Target for a steal!

Hey, I am all for getting the look for less! I am wearing 4ct. faux diamond earrings as we speak and do you know how many people think they are real? I happen to own the real Jack Rogers Gold on Gold like the Target Faux pair below. I did pay $80 but that is because I am crazy. These are SO close to the real thing that I actually would be afraid if I were Target of a lawsuit. No joke.

Target Mossimo Paola Gold Stiched Thong $16.99. I say size up if you are going to order online. All Target shoes seem to be made for perfectly skinny feet.


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