Monday, December 12, 2005

Update on "I have really done it now"

Ok so I know that you were anxiously awaiting my exact purchases from the other night that totaled $330.37 and so here you go- I don't have time for linking. If someone wants to send me a desk we can discuss it.....

-Thomas O'Brien cream and silver ornament balls
-Various garlands and ornaments in blue and gold and silver from the HOME collection
-Tahitian Vanilla Votives
- 3 pack of chapstick because my husband thinks I steal his all of the time. so NOT true
-A dozen or so bags and wrapping paper from the $1 section, LORD is that $1 section trouble.
-gift tags
-2 blue pillar candles
-1 pair of slippers for my toddler
-2 puzzles from the $1 section for xmas gifts
-1 bedskirt for our gues bed, 1 for ours
-1 set of Method hand soap and mint lotion in a caddy that I paid for and do not have in my posession.... HMMMM
-Thomas O'Brien vintage hand towels, 2
- TOB throw rug for kitchen
- TOB dining room fancy table cloth ( oblong if you care)
- 2 sheer white window panels
-2 plush HOME pillows

ok I think that is it. clearly I have issues. I must get back to work so that I can pay for all of this!!!


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