Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ahh our loyal readers you....

Crack Us Up!

So we have recently (today) received a slew of emails about various Target finds etc. I thought I would share some of the insight, product info and interesting emails we receive. If you have something to tell us give it a shout at slavetotarget@yahoo.com Warning: anything that you send to us can and most likely will be used. We will never publish your name or email address though.

So on to the good stuff from our fellow STT:

Someone is unhappy with lip balm:
"What's the deal with the Cookie Cutouts Lip balm? I got it on Satuday in the little dollar bin section. I needed some lip balm, it claimed it would taste likie sugar cookies. I got both a tube and a tin. I opened it up right away and applied it to my lips. Big mistake. This stuff is henious! It was like smearing a glue stick on my lips. Honestly. "

Someone is Cooky for Candy Cane Shot Glasses (drunk:):
"Target has candy cane shot glasses, like the ones that go for $9 a set at places like Urban Outfitters, in the Dollar Spot. Thats right! They are just $1 each. How fantastic! Check them out here: http://craftandbake.blogspot.com/2005/11/peppermint-candy-cane-shotglasses.html
PS - I love your site/blog. It's so great for Target junkies like myself :)"

Someone is talking about Issac and it's all good:
"new isaac fall/ winter home stuff"

Thanks for keeping us informed! We love you - STT


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