Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vertical Fashion Show

So yesterday morning was watching the Today show. Well no, actually I had it on in the background and when I heard Katie Couric say that Target was her favorite store I ran over to the TV to see what was up.

She was standing there with a very important man from Target Corp who's name has unfortunately slipped my mind because I was more boggled at Katies use of the word "Tar-jay" to his face. Slighty unclassy Katie. Anyway I don't call it Tar-Jay. If you want you can I won't get mad.

I was looking around the Today show website, because I was trying to find the footage of the FABU vertical fashion show they did of the fall clothing lines ( minus the Liz Lange, as the very important man from Target said, it would be wrong to have pregnant ladies scale buildings). I don't see it on the Today website. They would rather talk about Diane Lane and her predictable romantic comedy with John Cusack who while cute and mysterious seems to be difficult.

Maybe they will put the footage on their website soon. Maybe I missed it and so if you see it send it in to All in all it was very interesting. Skilled professionals donned Targets upcoming collection which in itself is cute and mysterious. Let's just hope the jeans are not difficult to get into.

I saw denim, down vests and more. Just please do us a favor and don't do denim vests, that would be so wrong. I think that target should have had the slaves go on and do a fashion spot but that is just me. I would scale a building for Target.


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