Thursday, July 28, 2005

Angry Little Girls

Let's all say hello to Kim, the Angry Little Asian Girl. Don't let her sweet looks fool you, she's a pistol with a mouth to match, and complete with shaking fists to emphasize the attitude. If you push her the wrong way, you'll also get an earful of Kim's catchphrase, "Sometimes I get so angry!". Kim is presented on a red canvas tote bag as seen above.

Another Angry Little Girl is the girl who has it all, beauty, charm, a well manicured mane, yet with all this, she's never pleased. Let's all give a warm welcome to Deborah, the Disenchanted Princess. Deborah is shown below on a soft pink canvas tote bag, uttering her foundation of disenchantment, "It's not easy being a princess".

Visit to bring these two Angry Little Girls home, don't be weary, their bark is probably worse than their bite.


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