Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh That's Right- There Is A Camera On My Phone

Department: Reporting

I somehow always forget that my crackberry uh I mean Blackberry has a camera on it. This is because my old BB didn't. Well now I have one and I was snaptastic Sunday at my local Target. Seriously 1/2 the reason for buying this house was the Target down the road.

So anyway (don't you love that I am always saying that?)-

Here are a few shots of -

1. the coat I bought. I LURVE it and posted about it down below. My 3 year old took this photo so puh-lease don't make fun.

2. the endcap ('cause you know I am ALL about them) of the Dwell for Target "circles" line. LURVE it too. Too bad I already did up the baby's nursery in something else. However- if you are looking for some baby gifts it's nice and cheap. I mean inexpensive. I am sure the quality is alright. Their bedding isn't exactly luxurious, it just looks that way.

3. 3 year old in a roughneck tote (only $4.99 WOOT) IN the cart. She kept the top loosely on for most of the ride as to make me look like I was talking to myself. Even one shopper asked me who I was talking to. She must not be as fun of a mom as I am.


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