Friday, November 10, 2006

Too Jessica Tandy? LOL

Department: Guest Blogger

Hi there! I saw that you needed some filler-entries about the lovelies
to be found on the shelves at Target! I wanted to check in and ask....
Did you know about this?

I have never considered myself a leather glove person, they've always
been way too Jessica Tandy for me. However, I was stopped dead in my
tracks last week at Target when I walked in the front door and entered
right in front of the most exquisite pair of blue-green rhinestoned
cold weather gloves I have ever seen in my life. The length was long
enough to keep me warm, but cuts off right before the 'debutante ball
point. The corset looking details give them a racy, exotic feel and
the shiny embellishments show a feminine side. They are fantastic.
You know I broke out the AMEX for these babies, and I know you'd love


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