Sunday, October 09, 2005

Got the Recipe for Dinosaur Soup

Give your kids or yourselves for that matter a laugh with these Kids’ Recipes Paper Placemats. There are recipes for the appetizing “Little Green Thing Pizza” or the delectable “30-Minute Popcorn, or the well known scrumptious “Dinosaur Soup”. Need the recipe for Dinosaur Soup? Take it from a 4 year old, the foremost cooking expert, "Take 4 dinosaurs. Put in bowl. Add some water. Put in the microwave. Eat it for 7 days." There you have it … dinosaur soup. Yummy! They come in a set of 48 disposable placemats, 8 each of 6 delightful recipes.

Another fun conversation piece at the dinner tables is the Roadside Dinner Paper Placemats. This is a set of 48 disposable placemats featuring roadside signs saying “Eat”, “Chicken Dinners Breakfast” and “Ham & Bacon”. Get both placemat designs at The Red Hot Shop at


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