Tuesday, September 06, 2005

C'est La Vie

Sigh, seeing this bag reminds me of when I used to have a job in the city. I reminisce about the days when I would put on my smart slacks with a sleek blouse, layer it with a stylish jacket and grab my fashionable handbag. I just get goosebumps thinking about it. Now before you think I lead a dismal life, keep in mind that I’m a stay-at-home-mom and with the current warm weather, my wardrobe consists of tees, shorts, and flip-flops. Somehow this lovely handbag wouldn't complete my ensemble. I sometimes long for the days when I could dress up and again walk among those other chic ladies heading to work.

During one of my weekly trips to my local Target store I came across this au courant handbag by Isaac Mizrahi. This lovely Crosshatch Satchel by Isaac Mizrahi reminds me of a style I saw by Louis Vuitton. The design and the feel of the leather are similar to the LV handbag I came across but much cheaper! I love getting a bargain. Obviously I bought this bag, but in the camel color. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate this bag into my day to day existence! Ah C'est La Vie!

Pick up one of these trendy Crosshatch Satchel handbags by Isaac Mizrahi at your local Target store or at Target.com.


  • cannot believe someone would have an I love Target website. This company has a horrible human rights record. My husband worked for their distribution center for 5 years, and finally quit after being treated like so much disposable garbage.
    Cases in Point
    1. Every employee is required to see the company nurse before they can leave work for illness. However the company nurse only works Monday-Friday, with no weekends. There is no one that a person working the weekend shift can see to have an excused leave from work. I don't think it would scratch Target's profit margin to employ an additional nurse for the weekend shift.
    2. At the particular plant my husband worked at in Cedar Falls, Iowa there was a water main break. There was not running water for drinking or sanitation for more than 6 hours, yet Target forced its' employees to keep working in 90 degree weather. I was appalled this could even happen in the United States.
    3. They do not allow any kind of personal correspondence within their buildings or parking lot, for fear of organized labor unions(which they desperately need). This means if you want to give your co-worker Sally a sympathy card because her kid died, YOU CAN'T. Unless you want to be fired.
    4. At the retail stores, the starting wage for employees is $6.15. A person could not buy health insurance AND feed himself Top Ramen with this wage. But at least you can buy your plastic Isaac Mizrahi shoes for 10 cents cheaper.
    And these are just minor incidences I can recall from my husband's experience with the "Bullseye".
    So please, find another company to worship. Companies like this are bad for the American work force. And I realize most of you won't give a damn, because you and your husband both work white-collar jobs, but some don't. And you support a business that are treating your fellow Americans like trash.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on Wednesday, September 14, 2005  

  • Um.. anonymous? That's not true. And how do I know this? Because I WORK AT TARGET.

    Maybe the Target where your husband works is a bad place to work but it's wrong to say that the entire Target company "has a horrible human rights record".

    First of all, your first point is not true. We don't have a "company nurse" at the Target that I work at. Second, I had to work last year during the hurricane season (I live in Florida). The power went out numerous times during that period. We always had generator power but the air conditioning didn't work during the power outtages. And it sucked. Especially in the Florida weather. But there were a couple times that we were going to close the store because we had no a/c. It's not like my boss was trying to torture us. Third, your third point is untrue as well. I am a level 1 and one of the managers' father died and ALL of us were invited to the funeral. And I gave her a card. Yet, I wasn't fired. So you're WRONG. Fourth, I started off at 10 cents above minimum wage. My raise was nearly 50 cents. It's true that a lot of us complain about how much we get paid. Especially considering the amount of work we do. However, there are plenty of other people out there who are willing to work for that amount. And there are people (including myself) who ENJOY working for this company.

    I'll admit that there are a few things I have problems with but it has to do with the store that I work for, not the entire Target company. If your husband didn't like working for a company that only paid $6.15, why would he apply there? Surely he knew that that's how much he would be getting paid. And if he was being treated so badly, why did he stay there for 5 years?

    Please don't think you're speaking for every Target employee with your post.. because I assure you that most Target employees don't feel that way.

    By Blogger Martina, on Monday, June 05, 2006  

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