Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soak It

Department: Beauty

Recently I was at Target and took a walk down the beauty aisle that has all of the special and more high end products. I came upon some bath foam that I am very excited to try. I love the smell of Bergamot and soaking in it for a half hour or so would be very delightful.

I hope I get the chance soon!

I love the look of the packaging and the bottle. It is plastic too which is great for my clumsy self. It's so "English Garden". LOVE!

        Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It Doesn't Take Much


I love that if you need to you can get several staple items at Target. At least at our local store. They have a dairy aisle, a bread aisle, cereal, chips, you know the drill.

Yesterday I put some Colby Jack cheese in my husbands sandwich that I recently purchased from said cheese aisle. My favorite aisle in the whole store. God I love cheese. Anyway, I was fully expecting him to come home from work with a "What the H was in my sandwich?" but instead he said he REALLY loved it. Yay! Score one for wifey.

It is the little things, the conveniences at Target that make my life easier. If I can buy cheese and fab shoes, or a pair of pants in the same spot, my life is complete. This is the exact thing I was telling that MAJOR magazine who interviewed me a month or so ago about the blog. Just found out that the article has been shelfed. UGH. So if any of you other MAJOR mags want to feature the blog give me a ring! You can be first!

        Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Target Brand Diapers. Not Improved Though

Department: Baby

So packaging is important and all, trust me- I brand companies for a living.

The new and improved packaging on the Target diapers is great, and modern however I don't like the following:

1. the diapers aren't white anymore, they are blue and green dots which shows through my daughters summer clothing
2. when my daughter pees the cotton immediately breaks up and she feels wet and takes it off
3. i miss the old Target diapers.

why? why did you have to change the only diapers in the world that worked for my kid? ugh. early potty training here we come!

Moms- what do you think of the new Target brand diapers?

        Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ruffles + Pure White Goodness

Department: Bath

I want everything to be simple these days and all white. While I am saddened by the news that Rachel Ashwell declared bankruptcy and Shabby Chic will fade away, Simply Shabby Chic will still be available at Target. For the time being. That being said, if you see something you like by the line, buy it. Buy it now.

Recently I needed small towels for our girls bathroom. Regular hand towels are too much for them to handle when drying their little hands. I couldn't remember what these were called but I found them when walking around the bath section. Just so you know- they are called "tip towels" and I found the cutest ones.

Ruffles are my new thing. I want them everywhere and having them in the bathroom of two sweet girls is just perfect. I wish I knew about the matching shower curtain when I bought the more simple Shabby Chic one this past fall. I can't justify buying the matching ruffle one now, but perhaps I should take my own advice from above and buy and it store it for later. Since I have the matching towels now and all.

Next up I need to go to the store and see what this bath mat looks like up close. It's a tight squeeze in the bathroom and I need just the perfect one. I am hopeful!

        Monday, June 08, 2009

Merona, Your Go-To Fashion Label

Department: Women's

It is so great when you find a clothing label that you know will give you a great fit, a boost in confidence, and all at a great price. Heck, if you can grab it and go because the sizing is consistent, that is even better because that is what Target is all about. Grab and go. At least for me since I am always in there with my kids.

Just recently I got an email from a very famous jewelry designer. A mom like me, who has a few extra pounds hanging around. Don't we all? Some of us just don't take the time we should to work out. I know that I have very little "me" time and when I do my first thought is not "elliptical machine".

She had a function to go to and her current closet wasn't producing any results. She went to Target and found this great fresh and crisp white suit by Merona! You can rock this in so many ways and pair it with great shells underneath. With flats, heels, open toe wedges, you name it. Your summer staple, the white suit. Both pieces at less than $40/piece.

Merona is the label that makes the navy and white dress that I recently bought and was so incredibly pleased that the Large fit me perfectly. I used my Strapper to hold my bra straps in and voila- I was ready to go in a great dress that had me covered, but left me feeling confident. I am a firm believer that you can wear whatever you want (even if you are "overweight") as long as it fits you well, and you have proper undergarments on!

So next time you need a great outfit, on a budget, in a pinch. Checkout your Merona section at your local Target.

        Sunday, June 07, 2009

Um, Dear Target It's Me, Your #1 Fan.

So I have to say that while it is nice that Target is bringing back the Red Hot Shop that I so happily sung the praises of YEARS ago when I started this blog (I registered the domain FOUR years ago last week to be exact)- I am pretty super pissed that they are doing it in cahoots with another blog and not me.

I could bring you daily or weekly exciting products that you should buy from the Red Hot Shop. That is what I do anyway! I started this blog because I have a love affair with the very store. Did they contact me? no. Do I reach millions of fellow Target lovers and have a kick ass blog and have an accessible and unpretentious tone? Yes. Would I write about Dinosaur figurines? No. I wouldn't waste your time with stuff you don't need in this economy, but I would show you wicked cool stuff that I believe you could actually use. While keeping things "fresh and chic" and different.

Oh Well. I am still the #1 fan. I was getting dressed this evening for a book party and realized that my dress, bag and shoes were all from Target. Even my underwear and my shaping Assets by Sara Blakely sold only at Target.

RAFE for Target patent blue clutch. Fall 2006. No longer available but we first brought it to our readers then and I am still lovin' it.

Red Strappy Sandals by Mossimo

Dress purchased today for $24.99. Navy blue with white by Merona. Not even available on the web and I am bringing it to you before anybody else. How is that for keeping things current and fresh and chic? Sorry Target corp. Lots of people are "over" DailyCandy. I really wish you would have just given me a call.

Hmm while attending a book party I thought about writing my own book. A book about being blown off by certain big box retailer.

        Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bump Wear

Department: Maternity

Lately I have been seeing a lot of baby bumps. I thought I would look online and see what cute things Target has for moms-to-be these days. Unfortunately online isn't as great as what is in store so next time I am there I will go and snap some shots of the new collections.

For now, this is my fave maternity top. I think it would look great on every baby bump and the color is so very summer!

The only thing that stinks is the back- I mean are you supposed to be expected to wear a strapless bra? That is why I have the Strapper. Makes any bra into a racer back.