Monday, March 02, 2009

Chaia Suide Slip Ons- Where The Heck Are You?

Department: Shoes

Apparently there is wide-spread panic over these shoes. So why isn't Target getting/producing more?

If you google them there are posts all around the web about how much they rock. I saw them in person on another mom at the recent meet up I was at and I was going to steal them off of her feet when I had a pang of guilt and realized that if I did that she wouldn't have anything to wear on her feet outside in the cold.

Chaia Suede Slip Ons. I will refer to these as "Uggs Dakota Lite". They are the exact same thing, only a little bit cuter, and a LOT less $. Problem? They are only available in size 5. What is that all about?

WTF- Target- please someone from corporate, buying, sales, wherever- weigh in. Your STT wants a pair, size 8. Brown or Tan, let me know when you will be sending them to me. thanks.


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