Sunday, December 04, 2005

I scored the coveted items...

Black boots and gaucho pants.

So for a while STT's everywhere have been talking about the black gaucho pants which were mysteriously on the Target site, then off and the kitten heel tall boots that were on but sold out. So I went to my local Target in search of these items, scored both and here is what I think, if you care.

Boots: I know that you get what you pay for so that being said my reaction to these is "ho-hum". The kitten heel is almost too low, or the slant of the foot is not right or something because I feel funky in them, the calf/zipper is pleasantly generous to fit my muscles but the calf doesn't stay up and walking around in them for a few hours hurt my ankle bone big time.

Out of stock on the site but I found them in the store:

Pants: Shown with the most haneous of shoe choices in the picture below, these gaucho pants are a winner for $12.99. Love them for lounging and yes occasionally leaving the house. Please do me a favor and do not ever wear shoes like this with these pants. Or rather- at all. What is this 1992? I feel like I am on the set of 90210.


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