Monday, November 21, 2005

Savvy Travel

I’ve only been out of the country a few times and know how messy it was to stuff European currency in my pretty pink wallet. They never seemed to quite fit.

Next time I’m planning a trip overseas I want to bring this Lug Travel Wallet. This stylish traveling accessory comes in 5 colors and its oversized dimensions means you have a place to stash your yen, euros, pounds and pesos. The wallet has an elastic wrist band for easy traveling. There are mesh zip pockets inside to stockpile your passport and other important documentation. It also comes with sections for credit cards, tickets, and a pen. How handy!

But wait ... In looking at this wallet more and more I think I just want to get one and use it as an everyday accessory. You can put it in your diaper bag [like me] or in a backpack if you’re a student. Think of the possibilities. Visit the Red Hot Shop at to see this item and their other “Red Hot” stuff.


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