Thursday, July 31, 2008

House Warming Present For Moi!

Department: Home Is Where You Blend Your Margaritas

Okay so I don't need a blender but far be it from me to deny my NEW counter space such shiny elegance. Also, you never know when someone will drop in for a frosty beverage. I like to blend my Slim-Fast drinks and I am a sucker for a good malted milkshake (hence need for Slim-Fast shakes).

I just moved into a new house and treated myself to a few housewarming gifts. What I really wanted and had to have was this "Beehive Blender" from Oster. I know you have seen this before. Your grandma probably owns one. Why? Because it's a classic. One switch, one shiny exterior and good old glass carafe to blend whatever the heck you want to. Available at Target of course. Dot com and in certain stores.

Love it. I got it in chrome but you can get it in red. Which would you (did you) buy?


  • I had one of these that I got as a wedding gift. then my husband's dumbass friends ruined it when making daiquiris one day that when it starts to smell like burnt rubber- well then it's DONE blending!

    idiots. LOL

    but I got a new b&d one that looks a lot like that one. So I was ok. LOL

    but I LOVED that one. I couldn't find a replacement at the time when I needed it.

    By Blogger Andie, on Friday, August 01, 2008  

  • HEY! I have that blender. Lurve it. Made many-a mudslide (for the hubs and me) and smoothie (for the little person that wanders around our house and calls me mom).

    By Blogger Tara, on Friday, August 01, 2008  

  • ^^ @ Tara

    "for the little person that wanders around our house and calls me mom."

    precious. :-)

    By Blogger jwilli, on Wednesday, August 06, 2008  

  • I bought this blender for myself to make WW smoothies in. I love it because of the simple setting - one flip gets me anything I need. I hate blenders with too many options. I use this blender all the time and LOVE IT! I also bought it at Target! Hooray!

    By Blogger The Working Girl, on Monday, August 25, 2008  

  • Love this blender, although it's a bit on the noisy side! We make yogurt and fruit smoothies in this sweet contraption on a regular basis. Gotta thank the hubby for his choic eonthis one.

    By Blogger Mama J, on Friday, September 12, 2008  

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