Sunday, September 21, 2008

Domo for Target

Department: Halloween

Some of you may be wondering who the little turdy looking mascot is in Target's Halloween displays this year. I only say that as I overheard a child say, as his mom wheeled him past the Halloween section, Look, Mommy - it's a Poop Monster!

Well, little Domo is a celebrity in his native Japan, and has a pretty devoted following in the U.S. as well. Using him as a mascot shows Target's ability yet again to stay up on trends and keep us in anticipation of which designers/characters they will highlight in coming seasons (heard any rumors about the Christmas theme this year?)

If you would like to meet Domo, there is a great short on the Target website, as well as a list of Domo merchandise available in store.

I also found this cute little brochure for free at my store. It has recipes for party planning ideas and recipes for kids

and (flip it over) for adults.

More Domo for Target love:
Just JENN (including her cute as can be Domo cupcakes)


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