Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday War Stories

Department: Crazy Shopping Days

As much as I love Tar-jay, I am staying far, far away today. I didn't even look at the sale flyer from yesterday's paper because I didn't want to be tempted. Truth be told, I do most of my holiday shopping online. I do need to go to Target, but not for Christmas presents, for baby stuff. And since my maternity leave officially started last Monday, I think I'll take advantage of my weekday availability and put a dent in the baby section sometime next week... mid-day.

But what about the rest of you? Did you venture out to Target this morning at the crack of dawn? Get any good deals? What were the crowds like? Was it worth it?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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  • I've been fighting the urge all day just to go.

    By Blogger tAnYeTTa, on Friday, November 23, 2007  

  • At the Target I work at we had an actual fist fight over an iPod. Our awesome Assets Protection guy had to break it up!

    By Blogger Liz, on Friday, November 23, 2007  

  • i woke my 7-month old up at 5:15 so that we could be there at 6am!! i missed the crowd waiting to get in, but it was a mad house in the electronics department. craziness!

    By Blogger embee, on Friday, November 23, 2007  

  • I work for Target and this is the first time in over 12 years that I didn't step foot in a Target on Black Friday. Actually I didn't leave the house today at all- my husband on the other hand went to two malls and Best Buy.

    By Blogger Erinclot, on Saturday, November 24, 2007  

  • Wow! A fist fight. I bet that was fun to watch!

    By Blogger CDPJ, on Saturday, November 24, 2007  

  • I went around noon. Didn't get any awesome deals...nothing I needed was on sale..but I did finish christmas shopping for the kiddo!
    I was amazed at the number of employees there! EVERY single check out aisle was open...I went straight into a line with noone in front of fact, the young man was standing at the main aisle.."Are you ready to check out Ma'am?"
    I asked him about it...he said every single employee that the store possesses is on duty, and when they take their break at the registers, someone new would take over. They would not close a register for ANY reason on Black Friday.
    I was also amazed at the number of emplyees restocking the shelves....a little peeved because they were blocking the aisles and TOTALLY in my way at the toy department, but hey...they moved when I asked, and there was TONS of toys to choose from..not like K-Mart which looked like the left over bones and meat from the Turkey the day before!!!

    By Blogger KoriG, on Saturday, November 24, 2007  

  • I bought a set of 1000 thread count sheets for $20 at Target on Friday. And a Shark sewing machine for $20. I went about noon, no waiting, every aisle open. The store was sparkling clean as usual.

    By Blogger Heather, on Sunday, November 25, 2007  

  • Hi, Girls!

    I was told by a friend to check out your blog to ask a very important Target question...

    I am redoing my daughter's room and want the Shabby Chic bedding for her room. I have been watching it for weeks to see if it would go on sale. Have you ever seen it on sale? I hate to pay full price for anything, but will do it if I must.


    By Blogger elizabeth, on Monday, November 26, 2007  

  • Elizabeth... to answer your question. It looks like certain things in the Shabby Chic collection are on sale right now... at least if you buy them from

    Another idea is if you are a member of Border's Rewards, they sometimes offer percentage discounts from as part of their Border's Rewards Perks program. I've used that before to "make my own sales."

    Anyone else have suggestions for Elizabeth?

    By Blogger CDPJ, on Monday, November 26, 2007  

  • I just came across your blog...I love Target too! I didn't go on Black Friday, but I knew people who did. They said it wasn't any busier than usual. At least the ones by us. Maybe because there's almost as many Targets as Starbucks.

    By Blogger Tina, on Tuesday, November 27, 2007  

  • I went out today and sure enough, the bedding I wanted was 10%-20% off!

    Thanks for your help!

    By Blogger elizabeth, on Tuesday, November 27, 2007  

  • if you have an AAA membership, they offer a 10% discount - if you go to your AAA's website 1st and link to Target from here

    By Blogger Mary, on Thursday, November 29, 2007  

  • I am a little late on this as I just came across your blog and like so many others, I have a bit of a crush on Target. I did not go shopping on Black Friday--seems like way too much stress but I know it is the thrill of the kill for some and tradition for others. A friend of mine who goes every year went to the regular Target (not a Super) and she said it normally was not crazy but it was this year--there was a line around the store to get in. She did not get the tv that she was hoping to get...

    Will look forward to reading more of your Target adventures in the future.

    By Blogger curlygirl, on Saturday, December 01, 2007  

  • In my dreams, I brave Black Friday to get to Target. If only there were one around here! :-(

    By Blogger Merisi, on Tuesday, December 11, 2007  

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  • Hi,

    I just bought a protective case for my Ipod at target through on Black Friday. I'm glad my I'm Ipod is protected, but it looks stupid the way it currently is.

    I guess I thought getting it on Black Friday would be a benefit.


    By Blogger Nii Simmonds, on Wednesday, January 16, 2008  

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