Friday, January 06, 2006

There's a Frog in My Bathroom

My little one needs quite a bit of entertainment while taking his bath. By entertainment I’m referring to toys. Over the years I’ve accumulated my fair share of bath toys in hopes that my child will sit still long enough so I can get that carmel sauce out of his hair. Now the bathroom is over run with toys and I need something that will hold these toys but still look more adorable than a plastic bin. An item that I’ve run across is the Boon Frog Pod – Drainable Bath Scoop and Toy/Organizer. Not only is this frog delightful but it also teaches my little one about helping mommy put the toys away. The main body of the frog serves as a toy scoop that my child can use to pick up his toys. The scoop hangs on the wall along with the main fixture draining the water out at the same time. The frog sticks on the wall with removable adhesive attaches to a wall or tile without damage. Now cleanups are quick and effortless. Get a Boon Frog Pod from Target for your youngsters or as a great gift.


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