Sunday, October 26, 2008


Department: Pets

For years I have been saying that I need to brush my cat. I have two cats and one in particular is especially furry. He is like a big white puff. I was thinking about getting a Furminator from the pet store but heard they were expensive. Like $50. Sorry, I mean I will pay $50 for a hair cut but I just can't pay $50 for a cat brush. I know, I am a bad mom once again.

So yesterday while strolling the pet aisles for cat litter and food at my local Target I saw the Furbuster and also saw that it was only $13.49, resembled the Furminator with its steel undercoat comb and I scooped it up. I promptly came home and started brushing the cats. I think they dig it. doesn't show the cat small Furbuster but they do list the dog Furbuster by bamboo in all sizes.

So if you have a puff ball at home that needs a good brushing try it out. The one for cats is pink....


  • FYI.. I owned a Furminator at one point, and now own a Fur Buster. I works just as well as my Furminator did. I'm now kicking myself for not finding this thing before I spent 50 bucks on a pet brush.

    By Blogger emily, on Sunday, October 26, 2008  

  • I got my Furminator on sale at Petco, so I can't comment on the Fur Buster, but man, does it do a good job on my cats! They just shed if you look at them, let along pet them. I can scrape enough fur off of them with this brush to construct another cat.
    -- LolaGeek

    By Blogger Lola, on Sunday, October 26, 2008  

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