Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh JOY! $181.00

Department: Falalalala la la la la

I just dropped $181.00 at my beloved store. I know, I ought to have my head examined. I went in there with a list as to not go above my limit and get too much but low and behold they sucked it right out of me!

First of all Santa DOES exist and his name is Thomas O'Brien. I could not find a good Xmas tree skirt anywhere for less than $100. I was really panicked. We have a whole new color scheme in our living room now and my old skirt had to go. I was really getting worried when Target.com didn't have anything so I went to the store. Tucked in the back on an end cap I found the skirt I was meant to have. The Thomas O'Brien velvety, chenilley, loveliest tree skirt. Matching pillow and not too tacky blue polar bear snow globe? Why not? Add to cart.

I also found among other things these cool "window clings" by Tord Boontje. For $6.99 you get 5 sheets of funky deer and snowflakes and I am so excited. I usually don't get this festive but I have a kid now so I have to decorate. We have a HUGE window on the back of our house that is just begging for adornment. These will be perfect.

What else did I buy? Well, black fleece gloves and headband/earwarmer thing for excercising, new sneakers for kid, fake uggs for kid, outfit for nephew 2nd b'day, more holiday cards to send to clients, wrapping paper in $1 spot, and I can't remember what else. I have yet to unpack the bags. I better do it before hubby gets home and rolls his eyes.

Happy Holiday's!


  • I hit the BRB last night, and if you can believe it, only spent $35! Something must be wrong with me.

    By Blogger Lori, on Wednesday, December 06, 2006  

  • I spent more than I ever have - $350. Course most of that was gift cards. And I only went in for one bottle of Nyquil.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on Friday, December 08, 2006  

  • Does being a "slave to target" mean that you are addicted to shopping at Target?

    I raise the question because other bloggers have made comments about being addicted to shopping. Nobody but you, however, has discussed an addiction to a specific store :-)


    By Blogger DenMan6, on Friday, December 08, 2006  

  • The only good thing about being in MN is the discount at Target - hubby works at HQ....

    By Blogger Cheeky, on Tuesday, December 12, 2006  

  • I'm in Dallas and currently enjoy 2 SUPER TARGETS and 2 old fashioned, but I think much more enjoyable, stores within a 5 mile radius. My poor credit limit doesn't stand a chance!

    By Blogger redcardmaxxed, on Saturday, January 20, 2007  

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