Thursday, January 19, 2006

We Feel Like Prom Queen

Well we worked really hard and now we are in the Glam Blog Network! We can hardly believe it, it's like being voted Prom Queen which if you knew me you would know is way cool because I would have been voted head rowing team dork way before prom queen!!! YEAH for STT and YEAH for all the readers out there who keep us going. We really feel just super fabulous about this.

Visit for fashion scoop and a community of shop-a-holic's just like you!

We also can't wait because a very special someone is working on a hot little facelift for our blog and as soon as he gets over the icky bug in his tummy he is on us like glue, our site will be hotter than your date on prom night, more delicious than butter on popcorn. Ok I am done, you get my drift.


  • ho-ho-ho-hooooooold on there a minute woman! there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with crew!! lol

    prom queen and crew team are not mutually exclusive!! give yourself some credit, i mean come on, you've got this target site going for ya, how could you be anything LESS than glam!


    you know i love you guys.

    and plus, i won our school's Belles and Beaux contest (kind of our nerdy version of prom queen/homecoming court kind of thing) and ALSO was on see?!?!

    maybe you gals will start getting those desks and baby bistro items now....

    By Blogger krysten, on Friday, January 20, 2006  

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