Thursday, January 19, 2006

So the scoop is....

Well so it looks like there is going to be a bit of a sale on Global Bazaar. This is just gossip and told to us from a loyal reader but here are the deets direct from a STT out there shopping the stores. Like we say, it's JUST gossip so don't freak out.

"HI, This weekend my fiance and I were looking through the global bizaar stuff. A Target employee left their merchandising book open on one of the dining tables for sale. The open page listed all of the "target" dates for the global bizaar section, including the sale dates. Basically, everything will be 30% off starting Feb 12 and the prices will continue to drop until Feb 27 (90%) after that, everything goes to salvage. "- loyal STT source

Dresser from Global Bazaar - makes me hot... how about you?

THIS IS NOT AN ATTEMPT TO SCREW TARGET AND TELL PEOPLE TO WAIT TO BUY IT ON SALE! Don't wait because if you do you are going to be emailing me crying about how you really wanted something and it's gone and can I find it for you.... I can't find it for you- I am not a Target employee I just play one on TV. All kidding aside, if you feel all hot and bothered about a certain product from Global Bazaar you better get your arse over to Target and quickly.


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