Saturday, April 04, 2009

Yesterday's Target Visit

Department: General Shopping

So yesterday I made it to my local Target for a little Red Cart Romance without children. This can be dangerous since that leaves a lot more room in the cart for purchases. I tried to stick to my list of diapers, birthday card, paper towels and Lean Cuisines. I somehow still managed to spend $165 which made me want to vomit.

Along the way I took photos of things I thought were cool and things I thought were not so cool. I thought I would share. This was fun and kept my mind off of spending even more. Pardon the photos. The camera on my Blackberry leaves much to be desired but it is small, quick, and easy to hide when a red shirt wearer is near.

First I pick up my cart and scope out the bags. I was immediately drawn to the new bags by Felix Rey but confused by the Hayden-Harnett sign that was still on the display. I felt bad for Felix Rey because I am sure they would like their own sign over their lovely bags.

My favorite bag was the big one with the sequin fish. It was still almost $50 though so I passed. I just don't have the cash.

Then I was on to the clothing. I didn't see anything really ground breaking but I did see the Paddington toggle coats that were in a recent postcard ad that I got in the mail. They are super cute if you need a new coat. I like the detail and the lining fabrics that Merona has been using inside their trench coats etc.

Hmm, so next I went across from clothing to intimates. I remembered that I really love my Gilligan and O'Malley giant however supportive microfiber underwear. When I say giant I mean they are pretty high waisted but they help to smooth the muffin top and they make me feel secure and like a woman. They also last and don't shrink and when you are 30 years old with 2 kids and a few jobs you don't have time for bullshit underwear. I grabbed 2 sets of 2 for $20 and moved on.

Meandering through the underwear I headed the back way into shoes. I was on a mission to get some simple dress up shoes for the girls for tonight's family party and for Easter. Trouble is, Target has crap for simple, flat party shoes for girls. I had to get them yet another pair of sparkly silver ones with a strap because I refuse to buy chunky heeled shoes for my 4 year old or white patent leather.

What I did see in shoes were the cute floral flats with bow that I had seen this week on another mom at pre-k drop off. She is a daily Target shopper so I knew they were from there. I wanted to look at them close up but once I did I saw that there was only one pair left. This means that every other pre-k mom in my town probably has them and I am not going to join that club. I like to be original. They are cute though and it was refreshing to see such cute shoes since the rest of the flats were looking like cheap knockoffs of more mainstream brands. I realize that Target is supposed to be discount, but it doesn't mean it has to be cheap knockoff. That same pre-k mom and I were talking the other day about what a disappointment the selection of all things at Target have been lately and she is right. Where are the special items? Where is the Target I fell in love with? I want more choices in super cute flats so that I don't look like every other mom in town.

Around the corner however from floral flats, was sale price red wedge strappy sandals! Non-descript enough to wear around town or at a garden party and not have everyone say "Oh you got those at Target", and constructed well enough to hopefully not cause insane blistering. I am pretty sure the "leather" on these will soften up and the wedge will be comfortable enough to tolerate a few parties this summer. I bought them. There was one pair of 8's left and they were only $13.98 in store. They also come in multi color brown, olive, cream. Red was more special. They have pretty good reviews online so that is encouraging! I felt like in the long term these were a better buy to splurge on when money is tight than the giant fish bag. I love the bag but these sandals will take me through many more days.

Oh so I forgot, back in the clothing section I came across something cute at first but then sort of disturbing. Capri pants with embroidered "critters" (very j.crew). This sounds great right? A knockoff that you would wear daily and love and be glad you spent the money on? Sure- however they are grey with crabs on them. Yes, grey. How ick and depressing? They couldn't have made them navy with grey crabs or navy/white, pink with orange whales perhaps? I searched high and low on the display and found only this style. C'mon designers and buyers, seriously. If you are going to do a knockoff, do something that is flattering on people. I can't find them online but when you go to the store and see them, you will be as depressed as I am.

So there you have it. A day in the life of the SlaveToTarget. More next time!


  • I was at Target yesterday and drooled over the fish bag for a few minutes too, but I felt $50 was too much for a bag from Target, if it was $30 I would have bought it. It is Supercute though!

    By Blogger Amanda, on Saturday, April 04, 2009  

  • Oh my .... I am in luv with the bag , the shoes and yes also disapointed with the knockoff about navy with red lobsters or white with flamingos...

    By Blogger kj75, on Saturday, April 04, 2009  

  • my very favorite part of your entire post was "you don't have time for bullshit underwear"...I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE. haha!! i actually laughed.

    love it.

    thanks for the post...loved the pictures! now i better get to target...

    By Blogger rachie, on Thursday, April 09, 2009  

  • Like anyone wants crabs on their pants...ooh.

    By Blogger KD, on Thursday, April 16, 2009  

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