Sunday, February 19, 2006

Comfy- No, Cute Yes

Department: Delicious Shoes

Word on the street is that these shoes are ultra cute but not comfy- could be why suggests purchasing foot petals cushions with them.....

I think they are so cute though! I may give them a whirl anyway. I have been known to do this hence the closet full of shoes that hurt but are fun to look at. Cork is IT for Spring 2006. What do you think ladies? Gents? T employees- any news on these you want to share? What is up with all the men designers for Target? Why don't they get some women in to make the shoes- women who know that comfort and style both matter. Any shoe I have ever bought that was an Isaac or a Mossimo has been quite dreadful to wear unfortunately. Cynthia Rowley is a shoe designer so what's up? Why hasn't she done a shoe line for Target?

Mossimo Piper Cork Wedge in Cognac


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