Monday, September 12, 2005

What are we gonna say?

It is so nice to be written about and to have tons of press and have everyone love you. Seriously, it is! We can't believe the traffic and exciting things that are coming from our honest to goodness love of Target and the fact that we have 5 minutes too much to spare a day so we spend it dishing all things lovely and wonderful about our Red Cart Romance.

So when a blog writes about us and poses the question "there must be something that the Slaves do not like about Target" we have to think Hmmmmm.....

I GUESS that maybe the person writing the article hasn't read the entire blog. They must have missed how we said that neither Mossimo or Isaac knows how to measure a real woman's foot. OR when we said that Isaac doesn't know that real women have thighs.....okay okay we know that on or about July 28 or so our entire blog was deleted so maybe those comments have gone to blog heaven but rest assured there are of course things that we would like to see changed about our big box buddy.

This is why Target likes our blog, they talk about it and read it- they want our honest feedback. Trouble is that they just really do know how to run a good store and have fun products. I am in NO way being paid for this post. Trust me. I could use nothing more than a few hundred dollar gift certificate to my nearby Target. HINT HINT.

Anyway if I were totally biased and unethical would I say something like this- "Target why the heck can't you get your $hit together and get the HOT stationery that you have in the store loaded up onto your website? HELLO." ?

Enough rant. Checkout our latest bit of buzz:


  • It's true I love Target, but hey not every relationship is perfect. Here is a few noteworthy items that I hope the Target Corp people will make note of.

    1. Stock the same items in your stores that are within a 50 mile radius of each other. I understand there are outside factors that come into play when deciding what items to stock, but it bugs me when I go to one Target store to buy an item, then go to another one less than 10 miles away to buy more of that particular item and find out they don’t carry it!

    2. Put a Starbucks in every Target store. After over an hour of hard core shopping I could use a cup of java … decaf of course.

    3. Like my partner in crime, RedCartRomance, the Red Hot Shop is sometimes not so hot. If you ever need suggestions let us know!

    4. Need more hip and trendy clothes for toddler boys. The girls have Hello Kitty, Bratz, etc … What do little boys have? Flannel shirts, sweats, and dump trucks … not my idea of style and equality for all.

    5. Carry your promotional items [i.e. Target Pink] in your stores. I would have picked up several items if they were sold in my local Target store.

    That’s my 2 cents!

    By Blogger RedHotShopper, on Monday, September 12, 2005  

  • AMEN about the cuter clothes for toddler boys!!!

    i roam the toddler aisles helplessly looking for something equally as cute for boys as they have for no avail. what is UP with THAT?!

    in fact, some of the stuff they have for little girls isn't even replicated in sizes for the grown-up models...hey, i think I need pink camo cargo pants too, target! why should the 5 year olds have all the fun!

    By Blogger krysten, on Monday, September 12, 2005  

  • I agree with Krysten. I spent my summer wishing I fit into the girls clothing. Very cute stuff that could easily have translated up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on Monday, September 12, 2005  

  • i just wanted to say that i absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, LOVE target [the $-isle *justhadatinyorgasm* is only one thing out of many] and it breaks my heart every time i stop by your site [that i love, too] because we don't have target in germany. and i just can't fit everything into my suitcase to take back when i come visit...

    target-people: ever thought about opening a store in bremen, germany???

    By Blogger kim, on Tuesday, September 13, 2005  

  • I cannot believe someone would have an I love Target website. This company has a horrible human rights record. My husband worked for their distribution center for 5 years, and finally quit after being treated like so much disposable garbage.
    Cases in Point
    1. Every employee is required to see the company nurse before they can leave work for illness. However the company nurse only works Monday-Friday, with no weekends. There is no one that a person working the weekend shift can see to have an excused leave from work. I don't think it would scratch Target's profit margin to employ an additional nurse for the weekend shift.
    2. At the particular plant my husband worked at in Cedar Falls, Iowa there was a water main break. There was not running water for drinking or sanitation for more than 6 hours, yet Target forced its' employees to keep working in 90 degree weather. I was appalled this could even happen in the United States.
    3. They do not allow any kind of personal correspondence within their buildings or parking lot, for fear of organized labor unions(which they desperately need). This means if you want to give your co-worker Sally a sympathy card because her kid died, YOU CAN'T. Unless you want to be fired.
    4. At the retail stores, the starting wage for employees is $6.15. A person could not buy health insurance AND feed himself Top Ramen with this wage. But at least you can buy your plastic Isaac Mizrahi shoes for 10 cents cheaper.

    And these are just minor incidences I can recall from my husband's experience with the "Bullseye".
    So please, find another company to worship. Companies like this are bad for the American work force. And I realize most of you won't give a damn, because you and your husband both work white-collar jobs, but some don't. And you support a business that are treating your fellow Americans like trash.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, on Wednesday, September 14, 2005  

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