Monday, October 24, 2005

Golf TV

Do you need a frivolous purchase for an avid golf fan? If you answered yes, then check out this Hannspree Golf 15” LCD TV offered at This LCD TV was built with the golf-theme in mind. It has a dimpled golf ball design surface. The TV’s base was inspired by club irons. What more could you want for the enthusiastic golf fanatic? A better golf game I know, but sorry that’s not included.

For more novelty Hannspree LCD TV’s go to


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    Some LCD Facts:
    • LCD stands for ‘Liquid crystal display’.
    • Early LCD television had drawbacks relative to traditional visual display technologies. It displayed fast-moving action with "ghosting" and could be viewed best only when looking directly at the screen or from a slight angle. Most of these problems were solved in recent years, and LCD televisions, along with plasma displays, have become more popular worldwide than cathode ray display televisions. The LCD design is also known for being more energy efficient than the CRT design.

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