Sunday, August 21, 2005

Watashi No Namae wa Yumi Desu

"Yumi Speaks Japanese Doll"

When my son gets a little older I would like for my son to learn another language. I'm thinking either Japanese or French. Learning a foreign language would be easier for my son to absorb when he's younger rather than wait till he's in high school. offers these fabulous dolls that can teach your child another language. There are dolls for both boys and girls. Languages offered are Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, German, Chinese and Italian. Each doll says over 25 words and phrases in both English and their second language.

"Jolie Speaks French Doll"

"Ricky Speaks Spanish Doll"

I also thought that it would be pretty cool if my son and I could talk about my husband and he'd never know what we were saying! Visit to see more of these fantastic dolls. Ah, one more thing ... the above title translates in English from Japanese to be "My name is Yumi", in case you were wondering.


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