Friday, August 19, 2005

Body Bag

Ever feel like you want to hit something or someone sometimes? Of course I do! I have a little boy, a husband, a rottweiler and 2 cats at home ... an optimum breeding ground for stress. While I'm not an advocate of violence, I do believe a good kickboxing class would help tremendously. If you're like me and can't make it to a class, then how about picking up one of these? This Body Opponent Bag is ideal for self-defense, martial arts, or when you just feel like kicking someone's butt. The Body Opponent Bag is made out of long-lasting robust Plastisol. You can fill up the base with either water or sand making your kick-butt buddy weigh about 270 lbs when filled. This idyllic stress buster can be found at So next time your child throws a tantrum in line at the grocery store or your husband forgets to change the empty toilet paper roll, bring out your stress liberation tool and punch and kick away!


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