Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Forbes Thinks We Rule- Sorry our site went away

We are super sorry for the technical difficulties! All of our site work went bye bye on a technicality so we are starting over.

OMG Forbes Thinks The Slaves Rule

We can't use the logo here because they want us to go through a bunch of red tape in order to be able to put up the simple "best of web" seal of approval so F that and we took it down.

Slave To Target:
Who better to blog about the bulls-eye bazaar than two Target addicts, self-described work-at-home moms who "can't go into your [Target] store or shop online without dropping at least $100" and then "hide the stuff in the car and wait for our husbands to fall asleep before we sneak it in the house." These denizens religiously scour Target's retail and online aisles for items from the useful (water purifiers, baby movement sensors) to the fashionable (a pink leather laptop carrier with black-and-white polka-dot interior) to the unusual (carnivorous plants). Though only in existence since May 2005, the blog's comments and feedback reveal the legion of Target fanatics out there.

BEST: Spotlights little-known store features like fresh food items (tiramisu and cannoli from New York's Ferrera Cafe) and its weekly Red Hot Shop section highlighting hip goods like wrapped wood bangles and two-strand necklaces.
WORST: Like going into a store with no signs on the aisles. Needs categories to browse by.

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